“We started our business in 1969, whichmeans our installation is professional and skillful, and can handle all our clients’ installation needs as well as make minor adjustments on-site.”

As well as our extensive range of products as listed above, we also provide delivery and installation services. Having been in operation since 1969, we have developed a uniquely experienced and professional team that is highly competent and skillful and, importantly, which also has a broad knowledge of safety issues when installing our products. The team members can even make minor modifications on-site to ensure that installation is both easy and quick.


As a glass processing company, we have our own workshop, which is supported by modern computerized technology. Of course, a machine is only as good as the operator, and, in our case, all our operators are skilled and experienced. The result? High-quality products that are properly installed and satisfied clients.


We place a strong emphasis on quality control right from the selection of raw material: our glass only comes from reputable glass manufacturers either in Indonesia or overseas, and we reject any material that does not meet our high standards due to flex issues, bubbles and other imperfections. We also implement stringent quality control at every stage of our production process right through to delivery.


To best serve our customers, we have a ready supply of buffer stock in hand so we can offer a quick and professional service. This means we can respond to their needs immediately and provide what they need as quickly as possible.


As a professional and experienced company that is already accustomed to handling a wide range of projects, we also pay close attention to prompt delivery times. We can ensure timely deliveries through professional and efficient project management scheduling supported by our own fleet of trucks.


As a glass processing company that can also install our own products, we benefit from deep levels of vertical integration. This means that from the processing of raw materials through to installation, our clients deal with only one company, which, in turn, reduces cost and maximizes efficiency and results in lower costs and improved products and services. Meanwhile, we have a technological edge in that we use a computerized cutting machine, which reduces wastage. In addition, as one of the leading players in the industry, we have lengthy and strong relationships with manufacturers, meaning we only get the best products at the best prices.