We have provided thousands of satisfied clients with high-quality glass products in a range of forms and with many functions. These include:

Flat glass – cut to size

This simple type of glass, produced as flat sheets, is generally used for windows, doors, walls and windscreens.

Tempered glass

This “safety glass” has been either heat treated or chemically treated to increase its strength and to shatter into small pieces rather than larger slices. As such, it is especially useful for structures that may be subject to stress, such as doors in public spaces, storefronts, glass railing systems, toilet cubicle systems, shower glass panels and office partition walls.

Laminated glass

Laminated glass is physically reinforced to ensure that if it breaks it only shatters but does not collapse at all. As such, this type of safety glass is particularly well suited to partitions or canopies. Laminated glass is also used to increase the sound insulation rating of a window, where it significantly improves sound attenuation compared to un-laminated glass panes of the same thickness.

Insulated/double-glazed glass

This product is mostly used for partitions or windows. The glass is in two layers with an air space in between them; this then acts as a buffer against temperature extremes—both hot and cold—because the triple layer of glass-air-glass prevents sudden temperature changes. This makes it perfect for maintaining indoor temperatures to reduce air-conditioning usage.

Sand-blasted glass

This type of glass is not transparent: its opaque finish makes it suitable for partitions or clear walls that are required to offer privacy. Furthermore, the design patterns and gradients of translucency can be tailored to suit all design requirements.

These glass types can be customized with characteristics that reflect clients’ needs; for example, flat or curved, or any other shape required by the customer. In addition, aside from these glass-based products, we also provide matching or required accessories and complimentary products; for example, fixtures made from aluminum, and much more.